T3 Lacrosse Congratulates Devon Brown On Her Commitment To Play DI Lacrosse At Villanova University

T3 Lacrosse proudly congratulates its athlete.

Devon Brown of Ridge High School
Devon Brown of Ridge High School

Name: Devon Brown

High School: Ridge High School

Graduation Year: 2015

Position: attack/midfield

College Choice: Villanova

Club Affiliation: T3 Lacrosse

What do you plan to major/study in?   I recently got accepted into the Villanova Business school and plan to study there. I am unsure of what major I will be pursuing.

Why did you choose Villanova?   I chose Villanova because it was the perfect fit for me. I always wanted a high academic school with a competitive program. I also fell in love with the school spirit atmosphere at Villanova. I can tell students are proud to go there and I know I will fit right in. The team was also was very friendly on my visits and I could see myself playing with them as I watched their games.  I could picture my style of play fitting into their team. 

What are you looking forward to the most in your college experience?  I'm looking forward meeting all my teammates.  I also can't wait to play against some of my club and high school teammates!  I'm excited to learn what a division I atmosphere is all about.  I’m also  looking forward learning more in the Villanova business school to help me figure out my future career path.

One piece of advice to lacrosse players who are going through the recruiting process?  Never pass on an opportunity to visit a school. Villanova was one of the last camps I went to. I was exhausted that day from tournaments and camps, and debated not going. Had I not gone I would have missed a great opportunity. Even if you think you know exactly what school you want, explore all of your options. 

Other schools considered:  Richmond, JMU, Virginia Tech, Denver, Bucknell, Penn, UNC, High Point


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