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Happy 2nd Birthday Patch!

Today, Dec. 9, the Basking Ridge Patch celebrates its second birthday.

Two years ago today (on Dec. 9), Local Editor Nathan Susanj kicked off the debut of the online Basking Ridge Patch, and then wrote a column about the experience.

Patch was — and continues to be — a work in progress. While we are dedicated to the highest standards of journalism, those of us who jumped into this experiment with media are by nature interested in pushing the boundaries of how news is delivered.

The Basking Ridge Patch has had two local editors, and we have had other contributors, including photographers, who have become familiar faces in the community.

But even within the next week, Patch will be launching a feature that will remain on the page in which readers can more easily upload their photos and videos, and having them placed online immediately.

We remain dedicated to hearing from you about Basking Ridge, and also news that goes on in our surrounding Somerset Hills communities that is of interest to the whole area.

Please let us know in the comments section below what features you enjoy most on the Basking Ridge Patch! Have there been any stories within the past year that you found particularly memorable? (Or didn't like?)

As always, thanks to so many for your help during our second year!

P.S. I've attached a few of my favorite video moments from the year.


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