POLL: Do You Think The ISBR Should Continue Their Plans To Build A Mosque In Liberty Corner?

What do you think about the proposed mosque plans for Liberty Corner that have been debate in town for over two years now? 
Maurice Marvi July 16, 2014 at 09:15 AM
Openmind ( I still giggle at that choice). - We are a nation of laws, not religion. As long as people follow our laws, the right to worship, and interpret their writings is inalienable. Once you take away these rights, based on an interpretation of a centuries old document, you have taken all our rights away. You have the right to believe as you do. You have the right to say what you want (within certain constitutionally testing limits) I just wish you would do it more publicly. Skunks warn of their presence with their stripes. Porcupines their quills. Racist Crackpots? That's a bit harder. Not all of them wear Hoods or Swastikas.
Openmind July 18, 2014 at 11:52 PM
Islamic law is found in Quran. CNN reports: "The Islamist militants, now occupying large regions of Iraq and Syria, have issued an ultimatum to the remaining Iraqi Christians in the city of Mosul: accept Islam, pay extra taxes to Islamic Sharia courts, or face "death by the sword."" Quran teaches this in chapter 9 verse 29. Pagans are not exempt too (Surah 9:5)
Maurice Marvi July 19, 2014 at 01:12 PM
Well Torquemada, wadda you say? The Church used to do the same thing in the West. And they didn't even need a direct bible quote. Just because it's happening there doesn't mean it will happen here. I trust our laws, and our people. Neither of which existed in Iraq or Syria.
Openmind July 19, 2014 at 04:05 PM
A Christian is the one who follow Christ. Christ never taught to kill nor killed anyone. He came to be killed for the salvation of the world according to their Scriptur. No Christian can kill others in the name of Christ. Please...please understand this crucial point. A Muslim is the one who follow Mohammad and teachings in the Quran. Quran command their believers to kill. Those who fight are not true Muslims according to Quran. You say that you trust our laws and our people. What happened when 19 Muslims following the teachings of Islam committed 9/11 attacks. Did 'our law' and 'our people' you 'trust' protect these innocent victims? Why couldn't 'our law' and 'our people' you 'trust' couldn't protect the Fort Hood soldiers from the Muslim who followed Allah's order in Quran? Also, are you saying there is no law in other countries to protect people from Muslims and that is why they are being killed? It is a dangerous situation when someone is taught to kill other and they call that ideology a religion!!
Maurice Marvi July 19, 2014 at 05:35 PM
Openmind. Yes. I trust Our Constitution, and most of our people who defend it's basic tenets of Liberty. I trust the Fireman and Police officers like those that ran into the burning buildings of the World Trade Center, and limited the carnage. I trust my fellow civilians like the passengers of United Flight 93 who fought back, and prevented further horror. I trust the men and women of our armed forces who risk their lives daily. These people and institutions have earned my trust. Who do I not trust? Those who say that those who are "Unbelievers" will be considered as Cowards, Liars, Murderers, and sexual Deviants. I am an Unbeliever. Am I to be considered so? (Revelation 2:18) Who do I not trust. Someone who today believes that their faith is supreme, and another not fit for inclusion? And what about tomorrow? What will they think of mine? Those I do not trust. Who do I not trust? Those who hide behind screen names and hateful speech. Who do I not trust? - You Openmind. You I do not trust. I do not trust you to uphold any of the tenets of of those men who so many years ago Pledge their Lives, Their Fortunes, Their Sacred Honor. I do not trust you Openmind.


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