Top Photos of 2012 in Basking Ridge

There were some real eye-openers and eyebrow-raisers this year, along with scenes that seemed more familiar.

The year 2012 included a lot of double-takes. It was hard to believe the scenes left after Superstorm Sandy. There were also moments of jubiliation to capture in school athletics this year, when a number of Ridge High School teams achieved winning streaks that made both players and fans very happy. 

There also were shots of more homespun moments that make up the fabric of life in the community.

This year's selection of top photos includes a plentiful number of submitted photos. So please, during 2013, add or send us photos of something you've seen that might be just a little unforgettable. Who knows, it might end up as one of the top photos of the year next December.

Add your own photos, or remind us in the comments section of a photo you particularly liked during 2012.


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