Little Shanty Fries' Flavors Based on 'Grandma's Recipes'

From burgers to the fries and beer-batter onion rings, new restaurant offers choices.

John Lidz, a 13-year resident of Basking Ridge, says the main idea behind his new Little Shanty Fries restaurant was to offer a single location where everyone in the family could enjoy a treat, whether it's a burger made from beef or vegtables, salad, hand-made fries, or a chocolate milk shake. 

Hear Lidz talk about where he came up with his recipes, the decor of the restaurant, and why all of the plastic, whether cups or utensils, are biodegradable.  

George st pierre October 12, 2012 at 08:28 PM
Went there for the first time today. I don't think ill ever return unless they're still open within the next couple of months. Paper buns that felt like I was eating air. Asked for lettuce and raw onions and got lettuce and tomato. I was the only customer there.


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