Where is This/What is It? Go NJ Devils!

If you have to ask what they're talking about, you probably have OTHER plans tonight.

This local business may have been closed on Monday, but that didn't stop the owners from showing state — and hometown — pride in those Devils!

In a NHL Stanley Cup Final worthy of the record books, and a big hurrah, New Jersey's own hockey players on Saturday night showed the Los Angeles Kings that the Garden State's own can be tough as well as slick on the ice.

What makes the win even more amazing, for those who somehow managed not to pay attention, is that the first three games in the finals went to LA.

While for a while there it looked like Kings were going to wipe up the Devils, the scrappy guys from Jersey came back with two victories, the first team to come back from a three-game wipeout in about 70 years. Forty-year-old goalie Marty Brodeur showed he still has it.

The next game moves to Los Angeles on Monday night. But of course, we're all going to be at right?

The answer to this Where is this/What is it? will be on Tuesday's Patch. Along with what we hope will be good news from Lost Angeles!

Jena Desiderio June 12, 2012 at 07:44 PM
That's my sign- jena


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