9/11 Victims Remembered at County Ceremony

Eleven years later, the 39 from Somerset, and others who lost lives, in residents' thoughts.

Somerset County held its annual ceremony Tuesday to honor the memory of those who lost their lives 11 years ago on 9/11, complete with a wreath-placing and the reading of the names of the 39 residents who died that day.

The ceremony, which was held in front of the county's 9/11 memorial on Main Street in Somerville, began with a ringing of the bell at 8:46 a.m., the time that the first plane hit the tower 11 years ago.

"We offer a prayer for the individuals who perished," said freeholder Patricia Walsh, who led the ceremony. "That day was just like today, blue sky and sunshine."

"It began without a hint of the horrors to come," she added.

Jacqueline LaBracio, a Bernardsville resident who works for the county, brought her own flag to the ceremony, and waved it as the names of those who died were read out loud.

"I always come with a flag," she said. "I am honoring our heroes."

"I am thinking about them and all the sacrifices they made for the United States," she added.

The ceremony concluded with another toll of the bell.

"Time passes and life goes on," Walsh said, "but the pain and loss of that day continues forever."

These are the Somerset County residents who lost their lives on 9/11:

  • Kermit Anderson
  • Evan Jay Baron
  • David O. Campbell
  • Keith Coleman
  • John Collins
  • Brian Dale
  • Kevin Dennis
  • Stephen Dimino
  • William Fallon, Jr.
  • John W. Farrell
  • Louis Fersini, Jr.
  • Michael Finnegan
  • Christopher Forsythe
  • Noel Foster
  • Steven Genovese
  • Steven Goldstein
  • Robert John Halligan
  • Kevin James Hannaford
  • John Clinton Hartz
  • Christopher N. Ingrassia
  • Allison Horstmann Jones
  • Stephen Joseph
  • Alvin Kappelmann, Jr.
  • Ganesh Ladkat
  • Matthew McDermott
  • Stacey Sennas McGowan
  • Philip Parker
  • Hashmukhrai C. Parmar
  • Ludwig Picarro
  • Stephen E. Poulos
  • Thomas B. Reinig
  • Sheryl Rosenbaum
  • Timothy Patrick Soulas
  • Craig W. Staub
  • Ronald G. Tartaro
  • Lance Tumulty
  • Honor Elizabeth Wainio
  • Alison Marie Wildman
  • Frank Thomas Wisniewski
Leah F Leivestad September 12, 2012 at 02:50 AM
You are all in our thoughts today. Thank you for remembering these hero's sacrifice!


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