What's Your New Year's Eve Resolution?

Here are some familiar faces in Basking Ridge, and their resolutions. What's yours?

Vanessa Darras, naturalist at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge. By Linda Sadlouskos
Vanessa Darras, naturalist at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge. By Linda Sadlouskos
New Year's resolutions — how many people really make them, and actually keep them?

We found a few familiar faces around Basking Ridge on New Year's Eve day and asked them what they are hoping/resolving for 2014. Here are their answers, and, if you'd like, please let us know what your resolution is in the comment section below.

Vanessa Darras, a naturalist at the Environmental Education Center in Basking Ridge, said she had such a good year in 2013, her resolution is "to have another year as great or better than 2013." She said getting her own kayak was among the year's highlights.

Fernando Taype was able to answer the question much more quickly than Alyssa Roman, his coworker at the Copper Kettle Deli in downtown Basking Ridge.

Taype said he wants to keep working hard at his job "year-round."

Roman said she doesn't usually make resolutions, but then settled on, "finishing my last college semester with good grades."

Richard Blauvelt, owner of Flowers on the Ridge florist in downtown Basking Ridge, said he wants to lose weight. He said that he will take definite steps in 2014 by joining Weight Watchers. In answering a question, he agreed that this is a difficult time of the year to stick to a diet. "After Thanksgiving, it's all downhill."

Shawn McCrohan, a new manager at the Environmental Eduacation Center, is also looking for a healthy 2014. McCrohan, who said she is new to the area, said she is planning to attend yoga classes three or four times a week.

Vinne DeMaio, working at the family-owned Veneto's Trattoria in The Hills in Basking Ridge, is among those who said he doesn't make resolutions. He said he wouldn't even think about it until he got off work.

What's your resolution? Did you fulfill any of last year's? 


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