Hair Gone Wild? Saving Time and Money Between Salon Appointments

Local experts weigh in on maintaining the holy trinity of hair-cut, color and condition between appointments.

As a mom on the go, I understand that sometimes things need to slip. For instance, this morning, I did drop my toddler off at preschool wearing no makeup, and sporting an unfortunate assortment of athletic clothes that would surely get me a quick ticket on TLC’s What Not To Wear show (in my defense, this did follow a sleepless night tending to a teething baby).

With two young kids and a part-time job, I find that the first thing to  get written off the schedule is generally something personal, for me.

Like haircuts.

The inspiration for this article are my faded highlights and lackluster hair with split ends. I interviewed some salons in Basking Ridge and the nearby area area to get an idea of how I can better maintain my hair, for a longer time, after my next salon visit.

Our expert stylists include:

  • Ricky Pennisi, Owner & Lead Stylist, Atelier Salon and Spa, 1 Brownlee Place, Basking Ridge (908-766-4630)
  • Mavel Velazquez, Owner & Stylist, Elohim Beauty Boutique, 17 Mine Brook Rd, Bernardsville (908-221-9500)
  • Mark Napolitano, Senior Colorist & Stylist, Xoma Salon and Spa, 730 Morris Tpke, Short Hills (973-218-0828)

Save Time & Money on Snipping

The experts concur that if time is of the essence, pick a style that requires less upkeep.

Ricky: "Really short hair or really long hair are the easiest to work with. Naturally, hair gets heavier as it grows, so we offer free texturizing and/or free bang trims between appointments. The texturizing helps to keep the desired shape of the hair.”

Mavel: Mavel recommends finding a cut that works for your individual lifestyle, suggesting busy moms might benefit from something along the lines of, “a long bob, which can go an extra week or two in between cuts.”

Mark: “The shorter the hair, the less forgiving,” advises Mark. He went on to explain that if you have less time to get to the salon for regular maintenance, a longer and less blunt style may be more your speed.

Preserving the Vibrance of Colors and Hiding Roots

The experts agreed that a color stick (such as this one on Amazon)  is the best way to hide incoming roots, until you can sneak in the time for color. There are different brands available, in a variety of colors and it applies like lipstick. Start at the root and work your way just into the original color area, for the best coverage.

Ricky: "The best way to preserve your hair color is to use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner, such as L’Oreal Serie Expert, Keratin Color Care, Moroccan Oil Color Care Shampoo & Conditioner and RiCi, my own brand of gentle hair care products. Products with sulfates tend to remove color, which means more frequent salon visits."

Mavel: "Color counts, as the color you choose can require more or less maintenance," according to Mavel. She adds, “Blonde colors are usually the easiest to camouflage. Gray can be more difficult to maintain, so visits to your hairstylist may need to be more frequent.”

Mark: Create your own disguise. Mark suggests styling hair to make the line of regrowth less noticeable, stating, “Try zig-zagging your part. It not only disguises the regrowth a bit, it also gives your hair volume and lift.”

Continuing, he said, “If you stay as close to your natural color as possible, you won’t need to color as often. Gray hair can be challenging to maintain, but often highlights can give you more mileage, in terms of scheduling salon visits.”

Keep Hair Healthy Between Visits With These Simple Tips:

The consensus is that while you can buy a little extra time between visits, regular haircuts are the best defense against split ends and lifeless locks.

Ricky: "Consider your environment and condition accordingly. Many people swim in hard water or wash their hair with hard water in their homes. With hard water, you really need to condition, because the minerals build up in your hair and dry it out. You may need to go beyond the daily conditioners and perform a weekly deep conditioning treatment. In the salon, we put clients under the dryer, so that the heat allows the product to penetrate better."

Mavel: “I offer complementary bang trims in between appointments. This definitely helps customers haircuts go a little further.”

Mark: “Work with the hair you’ve got, to the best of your ability. Clean, healthy hair always looks best. Wash oily hair more frequently and wash dry hair less. It’s simple advice and it works!”

All of the stylists recommend building a relationship with a hairdresser and being vocal about your lifestyle and the level of maintenance you can commit to, so that they can help find a haircut that fits your hair and lifestyle.


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