Letter: Regulations Stifling Job Creation, Says Candidate Larsen

Tewksbury businessman opposing U.S. Rep. Leonard Lance, seeking re-election to the 7th district, in Republican primary.

Editor's Note: in this June's Republican primary election to be included on the ballot in November to represent New Jersey's 7th district in U.S. Congress. The 7th district will next year represent all of the Somerset Hills and Long Hill Township, after redistricting will remove from the 11th district, currently represented by

To the editor,

Government regulatory burdens are destroying job creation in America today. As a result, the private sector economy has lost 2 million jobs in the last 3 years. My opponent for New Jersey’s congressional seat in the 7th district, moderate Republican, Leonard Lance, has done nothing to stop this. Although the Senate has not voted on Cap and Trade, the carbon tax trading scheme championed by Barack Obama, and voted for by Leonard Lance, the EPA has moved ahead with burdensome and often contradictory regulations specifically designed to shut down coal plants, limit drilling for oil and natural gas, and hurt the American energy industry as much as possible. It was regulatory rules of the EPA that President Obama relied on to kill the Keystone Pipeline, which cost the American economy an estimated 40,000 jobs, with the possibility of many times more down the road.

It is reported that the new EPA regulations will force 32 coal plants this year to close down, putting thousands more Americans out of work and cause electricity rates to necessarily skyrocket for every family. The EPA admits their new regulations will take away 14.7 gigawatts off the national grid, enough energy for 11 million households, during the next two years. This amounts to 8% of all U.S. power generation. The American economy can never recover if the government refuses to allow our economy access to cheap energy. High energy costs wipe out discretionary spending, which is vital to a consumer based economy such as ours. High energy costs keep American manufacturing uncompetitive globally, driving good paying jobs overseas.

When the Train Act was introduced in Congress to help alleviate the problem, Representative Lance actually voted with Democrats in committee on multiple amendments that would have undermined the purpose of the bill. Furthermore, while I and others were working to get New Jersey to extricate itself from the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (ReGGI), Representative Lance was one of only five Republicans in the House to vote for a Democrat sponsored bill that would provide support for ReGGI.

The regulatory burdens of Obamacare, the worst of which have not yet begun to be felt by the American people, is already destroying private medical practice. For example, Boiling Springs Family Medicine, located in Spartanburg, SC, recently sent a letter to all of its patients informing them that “the challenges of practicing primary care medicine independently in today’s world and economy are too great” and “new guidelines and regulations have made the practice of medicine as we know it impossible as independent practitioners.” As a result, “we will no longer be able to provide you with medical care”, and “it is with a heavy heart that we have to inform you” of the closing down. These are more jobs destroyed by government regulation. Although Leonard Lance had the opportunity to stand up to the burdensome regulations of Obamacare, he actually supported funding of the legislation when he recently voted for a continuing resolution that provided $105 billion to implement Obamacare.

Given Representative Lance’s voting record, he is not the representative New Jersey’s 7th District is looking for. As one of the most conservative districts in the country, voters are looking for a candidate that shares their values and has the experience to help fix this fragile economy. This year’s Congressional race in District 7 is a clear choice between a moderate Republican and a true, principled conservative. Whereas, moderate Republican Leonard Lance has voted for Cap and Trade and to fund Obamacare, I am a Washington outsider who promises to be a good steward of our hard-earned freedoms and money.

The solutions to moving our economy in the right direction are equally clear. Americans are the most industrious, productive workers in the world, as long as government serves its proper role in the market place. Economic freedom is the single most critical element responsible for the past, present and future dynamism of the American economy. Its absence today is the cause of our stagnation. In order to regain dynamic growth, the alphabet soup of Federal regulatory departments and agencies must be eliminated, pared down, reigned in, and operated in a way that is not hostile to American businesses.

David Larsen,

Seventh District Congressional Candidate


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