Bernards PBA 357 Donates $6,500 For Care Trak

Photo courtesy of Bernards Police Department
Photo courtesy of Bernards Police Department

The Bernards PBA 357 made a $6,500 donation to the Bernards Parents of Exceptional Children (PEC) organization in order to help fund the purchase of Care Trak – a locating system for children with special needs with wandering tendencies. 

The township also donated $1,000 toward the program that will help aid both parents and members of the Bernard’s Police department in locating children who may have strayed by tracking them via a transmitter bracelet. 

The Care Trak program is open for all Bernards Township residents - about 15 families have already signed up.

The equipment package for the police department, which includes officer training, costs around $6,000. 

Each bracelet costs $250 – however, the PEC will use the remainder of their donations to help cover $100 of the cost for participating families. Those who still cannot cover the remaining cost may be eligible for assistance through PEC.

According to Officer Tracy Baldassare of the Bernards Police Department, the program should be up and running by the end of the summer.  

About 12 officers will be trained in using the transmitter equipment for the initial implication of the program, but Officer Baldassare said the departments goal is to eventually have all officers trained in using Care Trak.

For any inquiries or questions about the program, Officer Tracy Baldassare can be contacted at tbaldassare@bernardspd.org. 

Photo Caption - (from left to right) PBA President Ray Gizienski, PBA Vice-President Alex McKnight, PBA Treasurer Glen Amerman, PEC co-chair Sherry Nelson, PEC co-chair Karen White, PBA Wine Tasting Chair Tracy Baldassare, Bernards police Chief Brian Bobowicz, Township Committee member Carol Bianchi, Township Committee Carolyn Gaziano


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