Man in SWAT Standoff Due in Bernardsville Court

Samuel Medway scheduled to appear in August before municipal judge in Bernardsville.

Samuel J. Medway, with a SWAT team and other authoritiies, is scheduled to appear in Bernardsville municipal court on Aug. 6, according to a court employee in the borough hall.

Medway is scheduled at appear at 10:30 a.m. on that date before Municipal Judge Robert Schaul, the employee said.

Medway, 44, was arrested following the standoff, during which police initially believed he may have been holding another person hostage at his home on Anderson Hill Road in Bernardsville, authorities said. He later was found to be alone, according to authorities.

Medway was facing charges of obstruction of justice and a disorderly person offense, Capt. Jack Bennett, of the proseuctor's office, said last Friday afternoon. He said Medway was in Somerset County Jail as of Friday, but a jail employee laster said he was released early Saturday after apparently posting a $2,500 bail set earlier by Schaul.

The jail spokesman also said on Monday Medway had paid $1,400 toward a $93,432.01 bill in back child support payments. Authorities had said that attempting to serve the

Bennett said late Monday afternoon that there is no further investigation into the disorderly persons charge against Medway. He said the Bernardsville Municipal Court was responsible for setting the date for a hearing on that charge.

However, Bennett added said a separate indictable offense against Medway, who also was arrested in 2011 for is pending trial in July.

After Thursday night at about 9:50 p.m., Medway was transported to the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office and was then lodged in the Somerset County Jail at that time, according to the Somerset County Prosecutor's Office.

Bernardsville Police Chief Kevin Valentine said on Tuesday that borough police were not planning a further investigation or file additional charges at that time. However, he said the case will not be closed until adjudicated in court.

Raj July 14, 2012 at 07:13 PM
THIS WAS A HUGE WAIST OF TAX PAYERS MONEY! I have known this man for several years and he is an upstanding person. He is very polite and professional and he used to be a Vice President and Trust officer at a major bank before it was taken over. You do not get to such a high level by being unstable! I have seen him with his two young children and he is a very caring and loving father. The papers have made him out to be a nut when he is just trying to rebuild his life after a divorce. This event was a typical example of the government setting him up and harassing him like they did a year ago where he faces the equivalent to 2nd degree murder charges on a gun sale transaction. This poor man can't even drive down the road without being in the government spotlight. He never barricaded himself in his apartment. Apparently, the gov. had a search warrant for the wrong address and illegally searched his neighbors place, breaking down doors and displacing four families with children into the cold night. And what was this major expense and SWAT teams for? All for a few hundred dollars in child support which was paid the next day and he was released. If there was any criminal activity, he would still be in jail. So 50 plus police, helicopters, dogs, 5 departments of local law enforcement all over a few hundred dollars in a civil matter. What a waist of money!


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