Inspections, Repowering Should be Completed Thursday

Mayor: I'll meet with residents every day until power is restored

Officials believe the electrical inspection and power restoration process in several Brick neighborhoods will be completed Thursday – or even as early as Wednesday night.

"There was a preliminary report, but they could finish up tonight," said Mayor Stephen C. Acropolis.

Township officials have criticized Jersey Central Power & Light since the weekend, when the decision was made by the utility company to begin requiring electrical inspections before different sections of the grid in flooded areas could have their power restored.

Previously, JCP&L restored other flood-damaged areas, including some sections of Brick, without inspections.

State and township inspection crews have worked together since Monday to complete the inspections, and many parts of Shore Acres and other neighboring sections have had power restored, Acropolis said.

Acropolis has been holding daily, 4 p.m. meetings with residents at Angela Hibbard Park during the power crisis. He said about 70 people came to the meeting Tuesday, down from about 250 on Monday.

"I'll be there every day until people get their power back on," he said.

Inspectors have the choice to either give the OK for electrical service to be turned back on, or pull the meter pan of a residence in order to keep it offline. When enough homes have been inspected, JCP&L turns on that part of the grid.

Acropolis said residents who had "even an inch" of water in their homes should have an inspection completed by a licensed electrical contractor in addition to the meter inspection completed by the state or township inspectors.

Brick November 15, 2012 at 03:19 AM
Where was he in the beginning? Down at the TRMUA.. No wonder why he didn't have time to call into 101.5
Jim B November 15, 2012 at 04:29 AM
Well...not tonight 15 days In Baywood.
Missing Brick November 15, 2012 at 05:49 AM
Same in Seawood Harbor.
Watchdog November 15, 2012 at 02:59 PM
Residents of Shore Acres and surrounding areas. This is a summary of events as presented. It is apparent that JCP&L found itself in a position of liability 2 weeks ago when it decided to prematurely "flip the switch" and gas lines began to explode. To rectify the situation, JCP&L decided to implement a policy of having the town inspect the meters prior to power being returned. The town had no leverage and therefore sent inspectors to the homes in question. Keep in mind, JCP&L will not supply power until 100% of the grid is completely inspected. The grid may consist of over 1,700 homes. Here are the issues 1. The protocol of inspecting meters prior to supplying power was not implemented until later in the process. There are a number of homes that have or had water within the home and were provided power. 2. If you were to call JCP&L during the past 3 weeks, you were told the power would be restored by midnight or early morning regardless of what day you called. 3. The JCP&L and town plan has never been conveyed to the citizens. The proper plan would be to notify each household of when and where the inspections would begin. 4. As of 9:54 AM Thursday Nov.15th, power has yet to be restored in many areas along Drum Point Road and Mandalay Road. It is clear to the impacted residents that the infrastructure of Brick Township is archaic. The question you should ask yourself is: Would this situation ever occur in the more metropolitan areas of NJ.
Watchdog November 15, 2012 at 07:58 PM
Just thought I would follow up on the situation today. "Officials believe the electrical inspection and power restoration process in several Brick neighborhoods will be completed Thursday – or even as early as Wednesday night." Well I believe there was no power Wed. night nor do I believe power is available today as of 3:00 PM. Does this sound familiar? This has been the major concern for almost 3 weeks. How are people to plan if the projections are inaccurate. Then again there are another 9 hours remaining in the day. Class lawsuit is looming!


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