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Retired Bernards Police Sgt. Dies in N.C.

Retired Bernards Sgt. Robert Eberle will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Robert A. Eberle, 84, a retired Bernards Township police officer who was part of the department for 25 years, died last Tuesday in North Carolina, according to an obituary in the Pocono Record.

Eberle was a retired sergeant from the department, according to Bernards police. He had been patrol division commander upon retiring in 1989, the obituary said.

According to township police, Eberle will be laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery.

Eberle was a combat-wounded Marine veteran of the Korean War and a survivor of the Chosin Reservoir Campaign in North Korea, 1950, the obituary said.

b flake February 17, 2013 at 12:52 AM
My condolences to the family and may God bless him. I find it of interest that a civil servant of NJ collected a pension from NJ for many many years yet lived in another state, a much lower tax state than NJ. Perhaps we should require retired civil servants to live in NJ or face a reduction in their pensions?
BRidge February 17, 2013 at 02:07 AM
Not only civil servant, a USMC Chosin Revervior survivor. You do not rate to have an opinion about him or where he lived.
JNorris March 30, 2013 at 12:37 AM
b flake - I am astonished and saddened at your comment. I sincerely doubt that you have any specific knowledge of the circumstances of Bob's life or passing, and an obituary seems hardly the place to air your personal tax views.
b flake March 30, 2013 at 01:17 AM
It is well known that certain parts of the country have higher costs and thus higher wages than other parts of the country. Taxpayers pay for the benefits of civil servants and I don't find it offensive at all that should someone who earned a taxpayer funded wage in a high cost state / jurisdiction and thus a "high" pension benefit paid by taxpayers, face a reduction should they move to a lower cost of living location. Why should the taxpayers of New Jersey have to bear the cost of this arbitrage? Index the pension pay out to where the person lives. If a $50,000 pension in NJ is considered sufficient, and the cost of living in an other state is 10% less, then take that $50,000 down by $5,000. The 53% that pay the taxes in this country are tired of being taken advantage of. Have a nice day.


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