UPDATE: Several Roads Closed in Montville

Mayor said power will not be restored until wind mileage drops to 40 miles per hour.

The following roads were listed on the township website or reported by Montville Township police as closed: 

  • Horseneck Road between Changebridge and Brittany Roads - Closed
  • Horseneck Road between Passaic Valley and Brittany Roads - Closed
  • Rockledge Road between No. 37 and Vista Road - Closed
  • Passaic Valley Road between Foremost Mountain and Salter Roads - Closed
  • Millers Lane - Closed
  • Lake Shore Drive at Numbers 14 & 32 - Closed
  • Taylortown Road at Number 24 & 66 - Closed
  • Taylortown Road at Pond View  - Closed
  • Pond View at Number 7 - Closed
  • Tara Lane at Number 10 and Number 35 - Closed
  • Lenape Drive at Number 29 - Closed
  • Stoneybrook Road from Number 44 - Closed
  • MacCleay Road at Number 43 - Closed
  • Sunset Court - Closed
  • River Road at Number 65 - Closed
  • Changebridge Road between Cambray Road and Brittany Road - Closed
  • Indian Hill Road at Number 9 - Closed
  • Lorraine Drive at Number 11 - Closed
  • Two Bridges Road between Barney Road and Peace Valley Road - Closed
  • Two Bridges Road at Number 4 - Closed
  • Foremost Mountain Road at Number 4 - Closed
  • Forest Place at Number 5 - Closed
  • Douglas Drive - Closed
  • Ridge Drive at Number 22 - Closed
  • Village Drive at Number 15 - Closed
  • Hillcrest Road at Number 15 - Closed
  • Fawn and Deer Hill Drives - Closed
  • Hewlett Road at Number 31 - Closed
  • Changebridge Road between Cambray Road and Brittany Road - Closed
  • Cambray Road at Number 16 - Closed
  • Lorraine Drive at Number 2 - Closed
  • Marts Lane at Number 8 - Closed
  • Maple Avenue at Number 19 - Closed
  • Konner Avenue at Cheryl Road - Closed
  • Stiles Lane Bridge to Lake Hiawatha - Closed due to wires down in Lake Hiawatha
  • Boonton Avenue into Boonton - Closed

As power outages are expected to continue through the night, Montville Mayor Tim Braden said the township would advise residents not to expect immediate power restoration.

"We've been on conference calls all day with the governor and JCP&L and it's important for people to know even when their power goes out, if their power goes out, the repair crews will not be going up in bucket trucks and addressing the outages until the wind drops below 40 miles per hour," Braden said. 

Braden said the strong winds have created an unsafe condition for the utility workers.

"A safe condition needs to exist before they can do it," he said.

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Stephenw October 30, 2012 at 01:17 PM
Two trees down on Pine Brook Road. One at 85 and one near Peace Valley
Maxim Sapozhnikov October 30, 2012 at 02:14 PM
Thank you Patch and Ms. Cohn-Sheehan for the report. It helps!


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