VIDEO: How Do You Remember 9/11?

Bernards Township Schools Superintendent Valerie Goger recalls what school officials did when confronted with an absolutely unprecedented situation.

Most of us who are out of middle school have our own memories of 9/11 2001, and its aftermath, or impact on our lives.

Some people also were intimately involved in assisting others or working together with other rescuers at the scene in the immediate aftermath or days following the terrorist attack.

On Tuesday, Dick Eick and Barbara Steel of the Bernardsville First Aid Squad recall the roles that they played in responding to a tri-state emergency.

On Wednesday, Steel also talks about her own experiences.

On Thursday, Bernards Township Committeeman Scott Spitzer recalls how he got home from thousands of miles away — and what he did when he returned to his office in Manhattan.

On Friday, Schools Superintendent Valerie Goger talks about Bernards schools' response to suddenly having to deal with the 9/11 crisis.


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