Still Recovering From Sandy, Hopatcong Handles Nor'easter

Second storm in a week has officials dealing with wintry mix.

While Hopatcong is far from recovering from Hurricane Sandy last week as thousands remain without power, officials say the borough was prepared for the nor'easter.

"Trucks are all loaded and ready to go," Business Administrator Robert Elia said Wednesday. "We have salt trucks, plows, everything is ready."

As the nor'easter began hitting North Jersey Wednesday afternoon and will continue to bring a snowy mix into Thursday, Elia said the focus for Wednesday has been getting ready for the storm.

"That involves mounting blades on trucks, making sure all trucks have fuel, salt is on trucks, making sure everything is ready to go," he said.

Elia said crews have not stopped since Sandy cleaning up trees and poles that have been lying on electrical lines.

"We're cutting trees that are blocking roads," he said. "We try to clean up, so we're getting around town. That's the focus of our effort."

He said crews have worked through normal days off, such as Election Day, and will continue to work through other holidays as needed.

Elia said the mayor, DPW and police all had a meeting Wednesday morning that went over where the borough is currently at and how to prepare for the latest storm.

After the meeting, the mayor released a statement with some of the things discussed at the meeting, including improving communication among officials and residents.

One of the steps taken was creating a new Facebook page for the borough where officials will start to post updates.

It was also announced the 80 percent of the borough still remains without power, which is the first percentage announced in several days after JCP&L has made several "inaccurate" reports, according to officials.

Mayor Petillo .

To get emergency alerts from Sussex County, you can add you cell phone number or email address to the data base by going to http://www.sussex.nj.us/ and clicking the Outbound 9-1-1 icon.

Petillo said to call the borough at 973-810-8346 for non-emergencies, and 911 for emergencies.

Regretfulresident November 08, 2012 at 09:51 PM
Yet another nite in the dark...anyone care?....nope
Jose Torres November 09, 2012 at 12:22 AM
I am extremely disappointed with action or lack thereof of the hopatcong leadership.. No communication nor information has been provided to residents of hopatcong. I am a service disabled vietnam veteran who honorably served this country and has been forced out of my house without so much of an estimate of when I can return. Incompetent and inconsiderate is how I can define elected members of the town of hopatcong
Brian November 09, 2012 at 05:11 AM
Mayor, don't wait 9 days to answer this post... I don't have (nor will I ever get) Facebook. How will you keep me informed? I went to the high school shelter begging for information on the town, and each and every time I was told to "talk to FEMA" When downtown finally got power I called City Hall and asked to speak to the mayor, and was told she wasn't there and her voicemail was full. I insisted that I needed information from the town, so they put me through to Chief of Police's voicemail. I left a detailed message with my name, address and phone # and I have heard nothing. It's no wonder we don't have power in this town, it takes the mayor 9 days to figure out how to communicate with the citizens, how can we expect her to properly communicate with JCP&L. The people of Hopatcong have had no information, and since we have had no clue as to when power will be restored we don't know is we should book a hotel, invest in a generator, or freeze to death in our homes. The lucky Hopatcong citizens have friends or family that they can stay with, who live in a town with effective mayors so their power has already been restored.
michele November 09, 2012 at 02:09 PM
I am currently looking for another place to live. Hopatcong is full of wonderful people but those in charge dont fight for us. I hope many leave. Make it a ghost town. They dont deserve us.
Stevie November 09, 2012 at 11:16 PM
Brian, the day following the storm JCP&L’s web site was directing area residents to the high school shelter for ice and drinking water. A couple days later I stopped there for ice for some of my medications and they didn’t know what I was talking about. The only ice they had was in the men’s locker room and they allowed me to fill the top of the small cooler, but there was no packaged ice for distribution to the public (or if there was, it just wasn’t there). When I checked the Hopatcong Boro web site yesterday, the same message from just before the storm was still posted, telling people to go to Newton for ice and drinking water, and only one update since then. Even the polling place info was wrong (not a serious issue, just more irritation). BTW, I agree with your position on Facebook, and I’m wondering why our tax dollars are being spent allowing Boro employees to spend working time (?) for social activities and not working on the business of the town (i.e. helping residents to NOT lose all of their perishable food or expensive perishable medications, or even just answering the phone). A lot of poor judgment by more than just the Mayor.


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