UPDATE: One Proposal For Fourth Try at Hockey Rink Repair

But lawsuit attempts to block the award of a contract.

have been reviewing the one bid received on Wednesday following Bernards' fourth advertisement for proposals to repair and resurface the cracked and locked-up roller hockey rink at Harry Dunham Park.

The bid received by the deadline of 11 a.m. on Wednesday outlined a job proposal for $115,000, said Bruce McArthur. The Township Committee ultimately is responsible for awarding contracts for municipal jobs.

However, another legal motion in a continuing legal action by township resident Douglas Wicks asks that a judge halt the township from potentially awarding any bid received on July 11, the Wednesday deadline, and that the bid specifications be rewritten to accept proposals for a tile rather than asphalt surface, in accordance with the manufacturers' specifications. Or, as an alternative, the legal motion asks that the township undertake a comprehensive study of whether the tile surface would work at the hockey rink, located in a fenced area off Somerville Road.

After the last — resurface the rink and perform other repairs and reconstruction on the site under a budget of $175,000, the Township Committee agreed to have more of the project done with township workers with the hopes of bringing down the cost. The lowest bid received at the end of June was for about $190,000.

The rink has been locked and off limits to skaters and hockey players for the past two years, since the cracked surface was deemed unsafe for skating.

Since then, the Township Committee had approved in 2011, and one this year.

The project attracted the lawsuit from Doug Wicks, who has been trying to prove in court that the bids were advertised in a way that left out installation of plastic tiles instead of pavement. Wicks has maintained that the plastic tile surface, used at other rinks, would be less expensive and longer lasting that asphalt.

Last year, one of the bid packages did allow the option of plastic tiles. However, combined with an improved drainage system — although Wicks protested he does not believe extra drainage is needed —

On Wednesday, the township received no feedback from any other prospective bidders on why they choose not to bid this time, McArthur said.

"We did receive one bid today in the approximate amount of $115,000," he said on Wednesday. "This bid is being reviewed by staff as we speak; it is premature to say if it is a responsive bid and whether we intend to award such bid."

Once the bid opening is held no more bids may be submitted to the township, said Township Engineer Tom Timko.

doug wicks July 13, 2012 at 05:04 PM
The order to show cause was dismissed at the time of the bid so that shouldn't have been an issue -but having bid on public sector jobs myself I know when the project stinks and why waste my time. How many bids go past 2 times-this was a keystone cops situation with infantile and incompetent players involved from the onset. It should not be forgotten that initially I was a skeptic when the TEA party raised the issue but when the OPRA documents came back it showed me there was a scam involved. In 2007 when the rink was repaired with specs from Pete Messina -the town engineer that designed and build the original rink there was never a hint that there was a drainage problem because Pete knew there wasn't a drainage problem -he designed the rink to drain both on the surface and underneath. So the drainage "problem" has always been bogus dreamed up by our incompetent engineer.
Maria July 13, 2012 at 06:59 PM
All I can add is this: While everyone is jerking-around with this, no matter who is right, our kids and adults who want to use the rink can't. Meanwhile, we are wasting that valuable resource and still paying taxes through the nose!! In 3 years I pay enough in taxes by myself that I could have paid for the resurfacing personally. Maybe you are correct, Doug-but even if the asphalt only lasts a few years, let's get on with it and let our kids play there. My son used to run a charity event for The Miracle Network that raised thousands for children; they have been unable to use the rink for 3 seasons already!!
doug wicks July 13, 2012 at 07:52 PM
Maybe you like high taxes because of reckless spending but I don't they want to needlessly spend an extra 50 75 grand for work not needed. The town could have resolved this last year by installing the tiles like they originally anticipated and done it for less than $70,000 but for the corrupt no nothing engineer that screwed everything up and the Committee that went along with this fiasco .They can just do what Monmouth County and Greenbrook did and install the tiles with no other work and be done with it and our kids have the best world class surface available-it could have been done last year under budget and with a cost effective and durable surface. Why not do it right the first time! Remember this project was held up by the over priced specification of this project that caused it to come over budget so no award could be made not my action As said if the tiles were correctly specified according to established engineering standards a year ago .the job would have been done and at a reasonable cost. .
Greg Toombs July 13, 2012 at 09:43 PM
Maria, there is nothing that Doug or any other township citizen has done that has impeded the process of soliciting or awarding of bids. While Doug and I, and several others, feel we have suggested a better and lower cost option, any invitations to discuss alternatives to the Township Committee and Engineer's approach have gone nowhere. I respectfully suggest you address the Township Committee with your concerns and wish you good luck in your effort.
doug wicks July 16, 2012 at 02:26 PM
Let you decide if we need to spend tens of thousands of our taxpayer dollars to correct a phantom drainage "problem" our inept town engineer claims to exist. What this and make up your mind who's right me of the town http://youtu.be/eeKJYnilJUQ


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