Tom Kean: It Was a 'Wonderful' Visit With Romney

State Senator among attendees at campaign fundraiser in Bernardsville.

Republican presidential candidate was a "wonderful" occasion, where Romney relayed a "compelling" case why he should be president, according to , one of the attendees of the event.

Romney also "warmly endorsed" N.J. Sen. Joseph Kyrillos, (R-District 13) who is seeking to unseat Democrat Robert Menendez in the U.S. Senate, with a focus by both on how lower taxes would improve the economy and jobs creation, Kean said on Thursday.

"Both were very energizing," said Kean, who began representingthis year, following a redistricting of state legislative districts.

Romney and Kyrillos have known each other since long before Kyrillos ran the former Massachusetts governor's presidential campaign in New Jersey four years ago, Kean said.

The late Wednesday afternoon at the home of attorney Edward Deutsch was designed to raise funds for Kyrillos, according to the invitation.

But Kean said Romney also spoke of his own political goals.

"Gov. Romney very much laid out a compelling case for why he should be the next president of the United States," Kean said.

Kean said Kyrillos also spoke about his own track record in seeking tax reductions for state residents and businesses.

"Joe Kyrillos opposed 115 tax and fee increases in New Jersey in the last decade because he saw what it was doing for jobs and job creation," Kean said.

Romney's focus also is that increasing taxation is not the way to encourage jobs and entrepreneurship in New Jersey and the nation, Kean said.

Prior to Romney's visit to Bernardsville, with New Jersey's "hard-working middle class."

In a statement released hours before Romney arrived for a visit of about 40 minutes at the fundraiser, which lasted closer to two hours for many of the guests, Menendez's camp said the Republican duo do not understand the challenges facing New Jersey families.

“Mitt Romney coming to New Jersey to raise campaign cash for Joe Kyrillos makes perfect sense considering how ‘seriously conservative’ and out of touch they are with the challenges that hard-working middle class New Jersey families face every day,” Menendez's campaign manager, Michael Soliman, said in a statement on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, to have Romney's support at the Bernardsville fundraiser.


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