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Bernards Schools Returning to Regular Day, Rec Returns

School and other recreational programs resuming.

All Bernards Township schools will open with all services on Tuesday at regular times, the school website said.

School buses are scheduled to return to regular pickup times, but due to road closures or other obstructions, school buses will not be able to service all stops.

A list of roads that school buses cannot service is posted on the Board of Education website. The list may not be comprehensive and parents are asked to drive their child to school if they don't believe a school bus can access the usual stop.

Meanwhile, the Bernards Township Department of Parks and Recreation announced that all recreation programs held in Bernards Township schools were resuming on Monday. All recreation programs held at the Community Center will resume on Tuesday, the recreation department announced. All program participants will be notified by email this week of make-up dates due to cancellations, according to the announcement.

For more information on cancelations, facility closings and schedule changes due to Hurricane Sandy, follow this link:  http://www.bernards.org/Parks%20and%20Recreation/Document/PDFs%20Fall%202012/PR%20Hurricane%20Update.pdf


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