Mount Prospect Open As Outages Decline; Spring Break Canceled

Residents without power urged to consider alternate shelter as another cold night approaches.

The sun may be back on Thursday, with the National Weather Service saying that temperatures may reach 48 degrees during the day, but township officials urged those still without power to consider finding another place to spend the night. Thursday night's predicted low is 27 percent.

Even so, the number of customers without power declined later on Wednesday, with substantial numbers of those in The Hills regaining power. The 9 p.m. update on the township website said that the number of customers without power was down to 4,337, a reduction of more than 2,000 customers from the first few days of this week.

The main Mount Airy facility of the Somerset Hills YMCA is scheduled to reopen as of noon on Thursday, the website said. Other warming sites are also available throughout the township.

The Mount Prospect Elementary School now has regained power, but school remains closed through the week.

Spring break is lost in Bernards schools

As a result of the lost time, spring break is canceled for this school year, and other scheduled vacation days may be lost, according to the Bernards Board of Education website, restored with limited access at this time.

Other scheduled days off also may be canceled, and parents should be aware of that possibility before making plans, the website said. The scheduling will be discussed at future Board of Education meetings.

Endjin November 08, 2012 at 03:35 PM
By all means, cancel all school holidays if needed. I cant look at them being bored and wasted at home. Even though we are trying to review some subjects on our own it is not moving them forward. Having 181 days of school in a year = 6 months, is nothing. The rest of the year they are just forgetiing what was put into their heads. One step forward and two backwards... Also having 10 weeks of summer holidays??? Anyone can logically explain the purpose and need for that? Summary: poor kids.


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