Ridge 2001 Grad Completes Medical School After Studying Diabetes

Arlesia Glaspy intends to work in urgent care facility and establish practice where most needed.

Arlesia Glaspy, daughter of Archie and Carletta Glaspy, and a 2001 alumni of Ridge High School, graduated from medical school at Ohio University Heritage College of Osteopathic Medicine on May 11.

Starting in June, she will be conducting her residency in Family Medicine at Carillion Roanoke Memorial Hospital in Roanoke, Va. Glaspy said he own future ambitions include working in an urgent care facility and eventually establishing her own practice in an under-served community.

After graduating from Ridge, Glaspy went on to receive her B.S. degree in biology from Hampton University in Hampton, Va. in 2005. She earned a Master of Medical Science Degree in 2007 and taught biology for two years at Thomas Nelson Community College. 

In 2009 she entered OU-HCOM, and while there participated in an extensive diabetes research study with her mentor, Dr. Calvin James, Associate Professor of Virology. Glaspy completed her last two years of school rotating at St. John’s Hospital in Westlake, Oh., and several other hospitals throughout the Cleveland area.

Glaspy said tht during her rotations, she worked with several physicians servicing underserved communities in rural Athens, Oh., and throughout Cleveland.

"There is a real need for physicians to work with all types of patients, from pediatrics to geriatrics, which is why I've chosen to go into family medicine," Glaspy said. "I would also like to work in an urgent care facility because the variety of cases is often similar to family medicine, although the pace can be very different." 

"At Ridge, I particularly enjoyed Mr. Devine’s biology class and I was motivated to pursue it as a major in college," she said.

She said she loves the field of medicine because it's constantly changing and advancing. "There's always something new to learn and no day is ever the same — especially in a field that sees a variety of patients in different age ranges.  Being able to serve people in such a way is a great privilege."


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