You're Never Too Young (or Old) for a Valentine

Tell us YOUR Valentine's story, or send a message to one (or more) of the loves in your life.

Matthew Bober, at 5, already knows how to be charming.

Matthew, of Basking Ridge, attends the Millicent Fenwick Day Care center, which on Tuesday threw a Valentine's Day party.

While some students made chocolate heart-shaped pops, Matthew talked about how he enjoys playing with (one of) the girls he likes at the center, Nicole Rodriguez, 4, of Bernardsville.

"We play games," he said of his friend. Both said they like coloring.

Matthew said the class celebrates Valentine's Day because, "It's one of the special-ist days."

Another reason we celebrate Valentine's day, he said, is, "Because we are in New Jersey."

Whether or not being in the Garden State especially inspires you on Valentine's Day, let us know what's special about your favorite Jersey Guy, or Jersey Girl. Or even your favorite out-of-stater.

Do you have any funny/romantic tales about how you met your spouse or significant other? Do you remember how it felt to hold your newborn for the first time?

Or just send a message to your Valentine via Patch, in the comments section below.


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