Another Light Show Plays Out Over Basking Ridge

Resident Nick Falduto seems to have the best seat in town when it comes to viewing lightning strikes.

We don't want to say Bernards Township resident Nick Falduto attracts lightning, but he always seems to get some great views of exploding skies during summer storms in his neighborhood not far from

While the rest of us were hearing crashes of thunder on Thursday night, and seeing flashes of light from somewhere in the distance, Falduto seems to have been out taking pictures of the lightning bolts from his back deck.

Again! After all, The photos were taken right before Independence Day ended at midnight.

Of course, some dramatic weather was anticipated on Thursday night, with the National Weather Service last night predicting thunderstorms and possibly hail, such as the hailstones that late Monday afternoon.

The National Weather Service is predicting possible showers on Friday afternoon, with a possible return of more thunderstorms after midnight, and additional roiling storms sporadically through Saturday and Sunday.


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