Far Hills Road Dispute, Quarry Hearing Near End at Top of Local News

Was your kid dragging his or her feet about going to school on days that were supposed to be days off before Sandy blew into town?

With New Members, Bernards Planning Board to Consider Quarry Recommendation

After 15 months of hearings, each many hours long, it's time for the Bernards Planning Board to decide whether the Millington Quarry's rehabilitation plan for its post-quarrying life should be endorsed for approval by the Bernards Township Committee. But three longtime members — two of whom sat through hearings in 2011 and 2012 — are gone as of 2013, and their replacements reportedly won't be voting.

Far Hills Mayor Wants to Meet to Discuss Bernards Road Dispute

As of Feb. 27, the Bernards Township Committee has informed Far Hills that it must pay 50 percent of all maintenance and repaving costs for Douglas Road and part of Mine Brook Road — both split exactly down the middle by the border betweeen the two towns. Will Bernards end up maintaining only its side of the street? Mayor of Far Hills wants to renegotiate.

Whatever else you thought of it, the vintage A&P in the Pluckemin section of Bedminster — now set to close on March 1 — has been a Somerset Hills institution. The store reportedly opened as the first supermarket in the area in the late 1960s. 

Court Hearing Delayed for Former Bernardsville School Administrator

Former Bernardsville Middle School vice-principal Patrick Lott's court date, when he was expected to give an answer on whether he would accept a 10-year jail term as a plea deal for charges related to taking film of boys in the showers at Immaculata High School, was put off from Friday's scheduled date.

CUPS Frozen Yogurt Closes Its Doors in Mall

It leaves an empty space in the Village at Commons.

Ridge Falls to Watchung Hills in Boys Fencing State Semifinals

It's been both boys and girls, but the team met its match in Watchung Hills when both highly rated teams met in the state semifinals.

Bernards Schools to Save $2.5M by Refinancing

Organizer says 'long and cold line delays' kept some paying customers from attending inaugural event.

Moms Talk: Are You Sometimes Skeptical Your Kid is 'Too Sick' for School?

The Presidents Day holiday arrived and students were supposed to be off for a whole week in Bernards Township Schools — and even Somerset Hills school students were supposed to have a long weekend. Were more kids than usual calling in sick this week? And BTW, do you think your kids ever fake it when they want a day off?


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