Snow and Accidents, Mosque Traffic Report Top Local News

Also, car and ambulance collision in Bernardsville.

Mosque Traffic Expert Presents Case for Fewer Parking Spaces

A traffic expert testifying on behalf of a proposed mosque in Liberty Corner disputed the previous advice from township professionals that the 4,200-square-foot house of worship should have 110 parking spaces. The expert said actual counts at other mosques don't justify those numbers — but township professionals and Planning Board members questioned the methodology and formulas for obtaining those counts.

More Than a Dozen Accidents on Slick I-78 and Route 287 in Bernards Area

State Police from Somerville said there actually were 14 to 15 accidents within roughly an hour as snow, ice and rain fell on Friday afternoon. Fortunately, no major injuries were reported.

Teen Cited for Careless Driving Following Ambulance Collision

A Bedminster teen's car collided with a Bernardsville First Aid Squad ambulance when she tried to turn into the train station off Mine Brook Road, after she told police she also saw a vehicle with flashing lights behind her, a borough police report said. The crash resulted in five people, including two in the car and three volunteers with the Bernardsville First Aid Squad, being transported to Morristown Medical Center, according to authorities. The driver of the car received a ticket for careless driving, according to police.

Bernards Township Town Hall Still Closed for Tuesday AM

A natural gas leak and problems with boilers kept Bernards Town Hall at 1 Collyer Lane closed for more than a day, from Monday into Tuesday, but the building opened well in time for a Township Planning Board meeting on Tuesday night.

Snow Blankets Region, Keeps Cars Off Road

Basking Ridge and northern Somerset County looked like a winter wonderland by Friday night — but there were few people out to see it, along with Patch photographer Terry Boudreau.

Now 19-0 After Montgomery Win, Boys Basketball Heads to County Tournament

The Ridge Boys Basketball team put a 19th notch on their record before heading to this week's County Tournament game against Bridgewater-Raritan.

Sca D Villa Tina February 10, 2013 at 02:26 PM
I am Christian, my husbsnd is Jewish, when we were young we all went to church n synogogue. The white race at one time was dedicsted to relgion. Ournreligion numbers are downward and we all know it. Attendance is slow, moneys to the church limited. This country invited the muslims, indians and others here. They pay taxes, they vote, they work with you, their kids go to our schools, come to your birthdays. They have EVERY right to build, because their membershipmis bwtter thsn yours is your problem. I am in favor of their building as long as it complirs tomthe same rules of any other church. No favorites and stop causing hardships here. We live in America, not a comunist country
n February 10, 2013 at 05:15 PM
To bad you didn't go to school and learn how to proof read.


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