Bond Upped, Man Denies Responsibility in Woman's Death

Dover resident makes claim as he's led into Bedminster Municipal Court for unrelated harassment charges.

One day after a Dover resident accused of striking and killing a Paramus High School grad denied responsibility for her death, a Morris County judge increased the man's bond for an unrelated charge stemming from an alleged ax-wielding incident at a Rockaway fast-food restaurant.

Phil Cise told CBS News no one was to blame for the death of Gabrielle Reuveni, the near her family's Poconos home in Pennsylvania.

As , Cise offered his version of the incident as he was led into Bedminster Municipal Court to appear on unrelated charges.

When asked if he had anything to say to the Reuveni family, Cise said, “Yes, I’m very sorry that she lost her sneaker in the driving lane that I was following in, she was spooked by the car behind me and she jumped out of the way back into the passenger’s side.”

Cise, 47, of Dover, is also accused of wielding an ax at a fast-food restaurant and a number of other offenses over the past several weeks.

According to NJ.com, Superior Court Judge Stuart Minkowitz increased Cise's bond to $75,000 on Wednesday for charges stemming from a July 2 incident at McDonald's in Rockaway Borough where Cise allegedly swung an ax at an employee at the drive-thru window.

"Based upon our review of this case and other legal matters involving this defendant a decision was made to seek an increase of the defendants ROR bail that was previously set by the Municipal Court," Morris County Prosecutor Robert A. Bianchi said in a prepared statement.

Cise's run-ins with the law began on June 30 when he allegedly in Bedminster.

On July 2, Cise allegedly begged for free food at the Rockaway McDonald's and allegedly became irate with employees and a customer. He allegedly swung his ax at the drive-thru employee. Cise was later charged with possession of a weapon, but was processed and released.   

On July 7, Cise was arrested for allegedly stealing a truck from a Jefferson Township driveway. Authorities said the vehicle was recovered and returned to the owner. Cise was released on bail. 

On July 14, a witness saw Cise driving erratically over the double-yellow lines on the road and hit Reuveni from behind, authorities said. A sobriety test was conducted, but Cise was released pending the results, authorities said. Authorities are still waiting the results of the toxicology tests.

The following night, Cise plowed into a utility pole with a different vehicle in Lake Hiawatha, police said. Cise was uninjured but officers discovered the Bedminster arrest warrant. Cise was arrested and turned over to Bedminster Township Police.

Cise is being held at Somerset County Jail.

Judi July 21, 2012 at 01:11 PM
and yet they just keep releasing him...SMH


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