Bamboo Grille And Bernards Township Settle Legal Dispute

Township Committee approves settlement on Tuesday night that reportedly will result in the Bamboo Grille dropping two legal challenges against the township.

Five months before the is due to return before the to again renew its liquor license, the restaurant and township apparently reached a settlement on legal disputes stemming from the township ban of outdoors amplified music on the patio as a condition of last year's liquor license renewal.

The settlement approved Tuesday night by the Township Committee results in the Bamboo Grille dropping both a challenge filed earlier last year against the ban as a license condition, and last month's lawsuit filed in state Superior Court that challenges the township's nuisance ordinance, Township Attorney John Belardo told the Township Committee.

The ban was attached to the liquor license following continuing complaints by neighbors on two properties that the amplified music on an outdoor patio, held several nights and on Sunday afternoons during warm weather, was too loud as well as constant. The Bamboo Grille runs the restaurant at the Basking Ridge Country Club off Madisonville Road.

Belardo said the settlement represented an opportunity for the township to resolve the pending lawsuits. He added the agreement shows a good faith effort on behalf of the Bamboo Grille to address the neighbors' concerns.

The berm now is under construction, Bamboo Grille Jack Welch said on Wednesday. As per the agreement with the township, he said he would refer all other questions to his attorneys.

Belardo said the Bamboo Grille agreed to follow the ban against amplified music through June 30 except for two occasions.

On those two times, Belardo said, two members of Township Committee, as well as the neighbors from two adjoining properties on Madisonville Road, would be on hand to monitor the noise levels.

Belardo said the Bamboo Grille has proposed placing a landscaped 10-foot berm behind the three residential properties that border the country club along Madisonville Road.

He said the proposal also is to move the amplified music from the area near a tiki bar to another corner on the patio where the sound might be more blocked.

Township Committeeman John Carpenter said he remains committed to the idea that every property owner should be able to enjoy their home in peace.

No representatives from the Bamboo Grille were at Monday's meeting.

Lydia January 25, 2012 at 05:33 PM
How sad! What was the townships expense for these few's peace"? Too bad so many residents cannot "enjoy their home in peace" because of worry about rising taxes to pay for such ridiculious issues!


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