Quarry, Halloween Coming Up This Week (if Hurricane Allows)

Some meetings already canceled.

The Bernards Township Board of Education was due to meet on Monday night, but that meeting already has been canceled because of Hurricane Sandy's awaited arrival.

However, weather permitting, the Bernards Township Planning Board is expected to hold a second special meeting in as many as two weeks at 7:30 p.m. on Tuesday night.

This week's topic: the continuation of a series of public hearings on plans to close the Millington Quarry in a way that will make it capable of being developed for some future use, likely residential. The first hearing was held last November.

Wednesday also is Halloween — with the hope that a major weather event won't mess up kids' beloved Trick or Treating for a second year in a row. (Last year was at least partially disrupted by the freak October snowstorm.)

Some of our Basking Ridge Facebook Patch readers suggested that Halloween should be rescheduled for Friday or Saturday. What do you think?


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