Ridge Buses Will Continue Cedar Hill Dropoff For Now

Ridge High School students will continue entering high school each morning from rear entrance to building.

When school starts next Thursday, buses carrying students will continue dropping those students off at the , from which they will walk to the rear entrance of the high school building, Schools Superintendent Nick Markarian said.

In the meantime, school officials will continue to work on a solution to bring back the buses to the high school in a safe manner, Markarian said following Monday night's meeting.

The school district's away from the main entrance to Ridge, located at the traffic light at the intersection of South Finley Avenue and Lake Road.

Since then, residents in Homestead Village, living along the back roads leading to Cedar Hill, , and also cars seeking to avoid traffic backups at the main entrance, have created a different safety hazard in their neighborhood.

The school board but each of those long-term solutions also raised other questions about cost, safety, or obtaining the cooperation of Somerset County or Bernards Township, which owns the adjoining municipal property.

School officials have asked parents not to use the Cedar Hill entrance for dropoffs.


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