School Board Candidates to be Invited to April 7 Forum at Ridge High School

RHS club and the League of Women Voters to host forum, inviting nine candidates.

A forum for the this April 27 to three positions on the Board of Education will be scheduled at Ridge High School at 7 p.m. on Thursday, April 7.

The Ridge Empowerment for Political Participation Club (REPP), a student organization, and the League of Women Voters in Somerset Hills are planning to jointly host the forum, said Kristin Fox, K-12 social studies supervisor for the school district.

The forum would be held at Performing Arts Center, she said. Invitations to all candidates will be sent out this week, she said. The groups will proceed with the public forum with as many candidates who are available, she said.

The candidates who filed petitions to be included on the ballot for the three, three-year seats on the Board of Education are: 

Bev Darvin Cwerner, Elmwod Court, an incumbent

Timothy Ingling, Madisonville Road

Renee Marchetti, Dickinson Road

Susan McGowan, Peachtree Road, an incumbent

Teresa Morgan, Mine Brook Road

Robert Rofman, Patriot Hill Drive

Priti Shah, Sentinel Drive

William Stuart, Huntington Road

Linda Wooldridge, Hillcrest Way

Ken Wilke, currently a board member, is not seeking re-election. The school election for the public to vote on candidates and the proposed 2011-12 budget currently is set for April 27, unless the state changes the date. Candidates who are elected at that time will take their position on the Board of Education at its next scheduled meeting.

TJ March 15, 2011 at 07:12 PM
some things that the candidates can address to help us vote: -- What makes you qualified? -- Years living in town? In NJ? -- What they'd like to stop/start/continue as far as the BOE and school district is concerned. -- Their educational and professional background -- Do they have children in the school system? -- Political affliations? (and yes, that includes tea party too) -- Current views on the school system? On Goger? -- For the new people -- How will they get up to speed? There is a learning curve. So why you vs. and incumbent? -- Do they have any family members or close friends working for the Township, school system or any other government role? -- View on how the state has handled the budget, school budget. -- View on the current school budget that's in play? What do they agree or disagree with? -- For the incumbents -- why should we relect you? What's your track record?
Carolyn Gaziano March 15, 2011 at 08:05 PM
Also -what grades/schools are their children in ( if the have any)? -What volunteer work have they done in the schools?
Deborah Naude March 16, 2011 at 12:21 PM
I think this forum is a nice idea... but I have to say... when big issues come up at the BOE meetings.. we are lucky if we hit 40 people in the audience. This coupled with that fact that the date of this forum falls just before our districts spring break and a little league baseball night it is safe to assume the head count in the audience will be very limited. The newspapers running bios and platforms on and from the candidates will provide information to a larger lot of our community. To the Editor, maybe you can request questions from the community that should be asked for the patch coverage and answers can be on your site? Choose 4 that you think will give the greatest insight into the candidates ideas for our district and so the questions are consistant for each candidate. I have a few ready to send!
LisaB March 17, 2011 at 03:13 AM
Given that the school play was a short time ago, the auditorium may have been tied up on many of the evenings when the BOE met. The meetings have been in other perfectly adequate auditoriums, and there has been plenty of space. Parking has not been an issue either. I don't understand the insult.


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